Session 5 – 5.35pm – 6.35pm

The Black Cat – A renegade retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s twisted tale.

Two performers dismember the process of adaptation by re-imagining a macabre classic with the cheekiest of glints in their eyes.An enigmatic writer has adapted Poe’s original story and handed scripts over to two performers who are now taking merciless liberties with the words – like a madman taking out a furious rage on a helpless pet.

Balanced between the hilarious and the horrific, this show revels in the darkness that hides just under the surface.

Captain Simon – “Yes, yes, yes! Call me Captain! Captain Simon!”

Simon doesn’t want to talk about sex. But he does talk all the way through it.

Sex soothes him. Makes him feel better. Makes him feel like a big man. Like his girlfriend Kathy’s big, strong man.

But Kathy’s sick of mopping up after him. Captain Simon is a wry, tender and anarchic show about porn, men and sex, including the messy bits.

SEXY – Oi, you. Sentient flesh owner.
Do you think you’re sexy?
What do you find sexy?
What does sexy even mean?
As a young woman who loves poetry, smashing the patriarchy and a well timed slut drop, this has been a question that has plagued Vanessa her whole life.

SEXY uses truthful wit and clever verse to explore our conflicted relationship with our bodies and sexiness, exploring our obsession with what is sexy through comedy, spoken word, dance and various states of undress.

Bite Size Festival returns to Warwick Arts Centre with another exciting programme celebrating and promoting some of the most intrepid and original theatre makers based in the Midlands. A chance for you to sample a range of great theatre in one place on one day.

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