Beekeeping, for most beekeepers, is a rewarding hobby. However it is also an important form of animal husbandry. In order to manage honey bees well it is important to understand their complex and amazing life cycle. The procedures and routines that a beekeeper adopts in order to keep bees successfully are based largely on an informed understanding of the natural life cycle of honey bees.
The aim of this masterclass is to inform the audience of how honey bees live, and what beekeepers do to manage this process and also help protect bees against a range of pests and diseases.
Part lecture and part demonstration, the Honey Bee Husbandry Masterclass will involve an explanation of the basics of the hive, honey bee life cycle, honey production, and pest/disease treatment methods that are used in good honey bee husbandry practices, as well as demonstrate practical procedures that beekeepers follow to manage their bees.

Dr Bill Crofts began beekeeping in 2010. He joined the Coventry & District Branch of the Warwickshire Beekeepers Association where he learned much of his early beekeeping from their Training Manager, Dave Bonner, who is a FERA Bee Inspector. Apart from managing his own apiary at Stoneleigh, and helping with the branch apiary at Ryton Organic Gardens, Bill has been the beekeeper at Hidcote Gardens (National Trust) since 2011.
He is now secretary of the Coventry Branch and a Trustee of the Warwickshire Beekeepers Association. As Director of the Warwick University Satellite Team, Bill is also an experienced lecturer and public speaker both on the subjects of satellites and beekeeping!

In order to understand Honey Bee Husbandry, the course will cover the following;
• Hive Construction
• Honey Bee Life Cycle
• Swarming
• Swarm Management
• Honey Production
• Wax Processing
• The Varroa Mite
• Pest/Disease Management through good Honey Bee Husbandry Techniques.

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