This fun and relaxed course will allow you to explore technical and creative ways to get more out of your DSLR Camera. You will need to understand the
basics of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO to get the best out of this class.

You will need a camera that allows you to shoot in manual mode (allowing you to adjust the shutter speed and aperture) and be familiar with how to adjust the settings yourself on your camera. If you have a laptop or tablet that you use for processing your images it would be helpful, but not essential, for you to bring this and any connecting cables or card readers along too. If you have a tripod and any macro photography please bring it along but this is not essential for you to enjoy the course.

Please bring appropriate clothing to go outside.

Kate Green is a Midlands based photographer and film maker working in the Commercial, Social and Education sectors. After a successful career in marketing and project management Kate started her own photography business in 2006 expanding into film making in 2010.
Her true passion is participatory photography and film making helping other people to shoot, share and learn and to realise their own creativity. Kate Green Photography

Course Outline

1) Camera settings and SLR Shooting Modes: • Manual Mode (M) • Aperture Priority Mode (AV) or (A) • Shutter Priority Mode (TV) or (S) • Exposure Compensation

2) Viewing, understanding and using histograms to improve your shots

3) Understanding light and how to achieve great shots in different lighting
4) Practical shoot – out and about around the grounds of the centre. Exploring
creative approaches to nature, architectural, portrait and landscape photography

5) Creative discussion about choosing a future body of work to shoot and motivating
yourself to get out and about with your camera. Thinking creatively
and learning from the masters

6) An introduction to black and white photography

7) Practical exercise – thinking and shooting in black and white

8) Sharing, reviewing and critiquing each others work. Feel free to bring along
your tablet or laptop computer for the sharing element of this day. A computer
will be also be available

9) What does that button do? A question and answer discussion to get the best out of your camera.

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