BE Festival is Birmingham’s international festival of performing arts. Each year, we package up our top 3 shows from the festival and send them out to audiences around the UK. This year, the Best of BE will feature 3 delicious 30-minute samples of mask, theatre, and circus all in one evening!

Spanish company Kulunka Teatro present André and Dorine, an old couple who are forced to find ways to remember what once joined them together after the sudden onset of Alzheimer’s disease – a moving story, beautifully told through full masks.
In What Does Stuff Do? Bristol-based performer Robin Boon Dale will spend 30 minutes, literally, tripping his way through a part guide, part motivational speech on juggling.
Romain Teule’s show, Légende, unpacks the possibilities of language, and plays upon the (mis)interpretation of words, with amusing results.


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Our Creative Learning Team says
An ideal opportunity to view three top international shows in one sitting. This year includes mask work, physical theatre and a performance lecture. Suitable for KS3, GCSE and A level students.

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The following three workshops are available. For further information on how to book a workshop or find out about discounts on group bookings, please get in contact with Catherine Butler via email

Workshop 1

Title Playing the Mask with Kulunka Theatre
Description In Andre and Dorine, three actors create more than ten characters without uttering a word, relying only on gestures and the use of masks. How do you begin to tackle the challenge of telling a story without words and solely through masks?
Objectives Kulunka Theatre will lead a workshop on the essential aspects of mask language. Participants will have a chance to explore and expand their knowledge of the theatre of mime and the art of acting with masks.
Tech and Practical Requirements (e.g. maximum number of participants, space, materials and equipment…) Open space. Participants are encouraged to wear loose clothing and to bring water.
Short Biography Kulunka Theatre is a company created in Guipúzcoa in 2010 by Garbiñe Insausti and José Dault. A lively, modern, committed collective capable of moving and amusing in equal measure. The company’s history goes hand in hand with the success of its first show. Since André and Dorine began its international tour in October 2010, Kulunka Theatre has visited over 25 countries in six years, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Turkey, Nepal, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Argentina, Cuba, China, Panama, Russia, Norway, Finland, Chile, France, Malaysia, Portugal, Taiwan, Mexico, … and its performances number over 450.

Workshop 2

Title What Does Stuff Do?
Description Robin shares his unique approach to object manipulation! Participants will practise basic manipulation techniques with juggling balls, water, and ping pong, learn techniques for developing vocabulary and devising with objects, and use group exercises to examine the use of written notation as a creative tool. All welcome. Please bring paper, pen/pencil, and at least one holdable object which you do not normally carry with you.
Objectives Participants will develop basic skills in several manipulation techniques. Participants will become more aware of the nuance in their relationships with objects. Participants will understand possible applications of notation as a creative tool.
Exercises Section 1: Introduction to ball juggling techniques. Group juggling warm up. 2 Ball sequence devising exercise. Section 2: Introduction to water & ping pong techniques. Groups rotate around three stations giving everyone a chance to practice 3 different prop sets. Section 3: Explanation & demo of different juggling notations, Robswap notation devising exercise, Opportunity to share material.
Tech and Practical Requirements (e.g. maximum number of participants, space, materials and equipment…) Maximum participants: 15. Need tap access. Open space. Equipment: 30 juggling balls, 10 Plastic glasses, 10 Ping pong bats, Load of ping pong balls.
Short Biography Robin is a young and enthusiastic performer from the UK. He trained for three years at Bristol’s Circomedia as a juggler, comedian, and writer. He is now touring his first solo show titled ‘What Does Stuff Do?’, alongside continued research into the application of circus as an academic tool.

Workshop 3

Title In Between
Description In this laboratory, participants will work around the notions of ‘translation’ and ‘interpretation’. It will be about creating a space in which it is possible to look at what happens in the “space between”. Between a fact and its interpretation, between a fact and its translation in another language. Our experiments will use the languages of words, movements, and sound. How do I receive an information, how do I give it?
Objectives Develop a creative approach to the dissection of language. Develop writing and devising skills.
Tech and Practical Requirements (e.g. maximum number of participants, space, materials and equipment…) Equipment: Pens and A4 paper and comfortable clothes. Maximum Participants: between 8 and 15. Open space
Short Biography Romain Teule is a French-Brazilian choreographer. Following his studies in critical design at Toulouse Fine Art School, he studied performance at the Fine Art School of Nantes.

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