Monday: Sculpture Making Day – Modelling and Carving

Some sculptures are modelled and carved, have a go at making your own sculpture inspired by the works on campus. You can make your own material to model with and have a go at carving out another sculpture from clay.

Tuesday: Tote Bag Tuesday

Design and make a tote bag inspired by art and nature on campus.

Wednesday: Drawing Day

Let’s do a huge drawing that will take over the whole of the creative learning space over the day. Inspired by art and nature on campus, what kind of things will you come up with? How will it change over the day?

Thursday: Sculpture Making Day – Casting

Learn how to make a cast- one of the four main ways that sculpture is made..

Friday: Sculpture Making Day – Constructing

Some sculptures are constructed. Make your own constructed sculpture with the materials provided. Will it be inspired by one of our own sculptures on campus, or has it come completely out of your imagination?