A kaleidoscope of Paul O'Donnells
Image by: Dave Walsh

ME! The Self-Indulgent, Self-Deprecating, and Self-Celebratory Cabaret

Paul O’Donnell presents
Thursday 21 October 7:30pm - Friday 22 October 2021 7:30pm
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Tickets: £14 (£10)

Student and Under 26s ticket prices available

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There’s a fine line between self-celebration and pure narcissism… tonight we strut right over that line as we arrogantly shout: “this is who I am, and I’m blummin’ fabulous darling!”

Hosted by Coventry’s very own Paul O’Donnell, this joyous cabaret of Midlands performers will throw a party that revolves around THEM... you... us!

In this world that promotes self-criticism, this region that feels so ‘middle’, and this city famed for its self-deprecation, let us use this night as an opportunity to put ourselves centre stage. Listen up world: this is ME!