Join local artist and soft sculptor, Emma O’Brien in a workshop to design and make your own zombie doll.

This exciting course will allow youngsters to learn the process of taking an idea from concept to realisation. You will design your own characters, while taking into consideration the practicalities of turning a 2D design into a 3D plush. You’ll then learn a variety of stitches- and see which ones are best for which function- i.e to attach things to the surface and also to make your fabric structural and make your finished plush robust. You then have the chance to add personality to your dead dude, by designing and making it’s clothes, thinking about it’s features and wounds. Then in illustrating it and writing it’s mini story background.

Emma makes abstract large, interactive tactile soft sculpture, inspired by twisty, curly, spiky, fluffy and stripy things. Her sculptures have been used in photography studios, offices/shops and community installations.
In 2008, Emma made a monster for her daughter and made up a little story about the monster’s character and everyone really liked it! Now Emma makes loads of monsters, they also have huge personalities, and a story to tell. Each one is different, but they come in the form of monster “toys”, mufflers, hats, bags and anything else that you can imagine!
Emma also makes zombie dolls that she calls ‘Dead Dudes’ , custom plushies, draws family portraits, runs workshops and covers teachers PPA time at primary schools – teaching art to Key Stage 1 and 2 children.

Spaces are limited to 15

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