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Families sitting watching performances at a Family Day Community work at Warwick Arts Centre

Our Vision

We’re here to share our love for the arts.

The arts are an extraordinary source of wisdom, support, connection, understanding, joy and inspiration for each and every one of us. They are the human condition wrapped up in emotion and it’s our job to bring them to more people’s lives. 

In our evermore fragmented world, we believe the arts are one of the few places where we can all meet – a place to share our experiences, a place to find common ground and understanding, a place to connect, to transform and explore new possibilities together.

We know it’s no longer enough to put on shows, films and exhibitions and hope everyone will come and meet. We know that, however wide we open our doors, some people still feel there are barriers in the way. We know that sometimes the language of the arts and art centres can end up making culture seem far off and alien.

It’s our job to change this, to bring people together through the arts and to create the connections that spark ideas and understanding.