A close up of Rana Begum's Abraaj Group Art Prize: coloured glass triangles
Rana Begum - Abraaj Group Art Prize

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been 4 long years, and we are finally open! Quite a lot has changed both at Warwick Arts Centre and on the University of Warwick campus so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below which we hope will help you, whether you are a newcomer or a regular attender.

As with all large-scale projects, there are still a few niggles we are ironing out, so please bear with us.  

What can I expect when I arrive at Warwick Arts Centre in Autumn 2021?

You will see when you arrive that we have a few missing elements of our promised final offer. Our apologies - like lots of other organisations we have encountered inevitable delays due to supply chain and other issues. 

The most obvious missing element is that of our new restaurant, Benugo Bar & Grill, which is now due to open in our spring season. In the meantime, we will be offering food and drink facilities in the old Le Gusta space, signposted Arts Centre Café and there will be pop-up bars on busy nights. Our Theatre Bar will also be given a makeover this autumn and may not always be open. We will ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

In addition, there is still some work to complete in the gallery, now on the ground floor, so we have taken the decision to re-open it in January 2022.

All 3 cinemas are located on the first floor with lift and stair access.

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please get in touch with the Box Office Team who will be able to assist with your enquiry via [javascript protected email address]

What should I do on arrival?

• Remember to bring along your ticket/s in order to gain admittance to the event. If you have an e-ticket you can show it to our stewards on your device or bring along a printout.  

• If your event has been sold as general admission you won’t have selected a specific seat in advance. On arrival at the event, a steward will show you to a seat- just let them know how many tickets you purchased so they can direct you to an appropriately sized group of seats.  

• If you arrive late we appreciate you will want to take your seats immediately, however, to limit disturbance to other members of the audience and artists, we may ask you to wait until a suitable break in the performance. Very occasionally, this may not be possible once a performance has started.  

How do I get to you by car?

If arriving by car, there are AA signs on routes onto the University of Warwick campus.

Please note our old Car Park 7 has been demolished and is now the location of the new Faculty of Arts. 

Our nearest car parks are CRYFIELD VILLAGE and CENTRAL CAMPUS.

If arriving from A45 / Kirby Corner / Westwood end of the campus signs direct you to Central Campus car parks. Car Park 8 / 8A is the nearest to the Arts Centre.

If arriving from A46 / Gibbet Hill Road signs direct you to CRYFIELD VILLAGE car park (though you can also follow signs to Central Campus if you prefer). If you use CRYFIELD VILLAGE, we advise you to park at the end furthest away from the Sports Hub which is closer to the Arts Centre.

There is directional signage for pedestrians to Warwick Arts Centre from CRYFIELD VILLAGE car park and CENTRAL CAMPUS (8/8A) car parks.

Please see the Visit Us section on our website for other travel information, directions and a map of the University of Warwick campus detailing all University car parks and Warwick Arts Centre.

If driving, we recommend that you aim to arrive on campus with enough time to park, pay and walk to the Arts Centre.

We’ve given precise locations for our car parks, using both what3words addresses and links to Google Maps. (What3words provides very precise locations, as a three-word grid reference). For details visit warwickartscentre. co.uk/visit-us/getting-here/

How much does it cost to park?

The University of Warwick now operates a cashless, touchless payment method for parking. Payment is required via a pay by phone system. Visitors will need to use an internet-enabled device to access the payment site, enter their details and car registration number and make payment via card.

There are signs in the car park with instructions but if you wish to bookmark the website in advance it can be found here: https://warwick.ac.uk/services/carparks/pay_by_phone/tickets

Parking Arrangements Autumn 2021 Term 

The University is currently installing a new parking system so some of the signs are incorrect. The evening & weekend parking charge is £1 for Arts Centre customers from 5 pm (NOT 6 pm as stated) to 6 am the following day.

The daytime charges are: Up to 2 hours £2 / Up to 3 hours £3 / Up to 4 hours £4 / All day £7.

In which car park should I park?

We advise visitors to use the following car parks:

CRYFIELD VILLAGE Car Park (Car Park number 301 online) The entrance is opposite the Sports and Wellness Hub and is entered via the main peripheral route of campus. It is then a 5 min walk away from the Arts Centre.

CENTRAL CAMPUS These are also numbered Car Park 8 (CP201 online), Car Park 8A (CP202 online), Car Park 6 (CP205 online), & Car Park 9 (CP204 online) and are the nearest to the Arts Centre.

More information here.

How do I pay for parking if I do not have a smartphone?

If you do not have a smartphone, please do not worry, there will be a secure box at Box Office where you note your car registration to avoid any possible fine.

Where is Blue Badge Parking?

Blue Badge parking spaces are available along Health Centre Road (please see campus map for further details and a map). There are 9 designated blue badge spaces that operate all the time on Health Centre Road and between 6 pm and 6 am the remaining short-stay bays along the road change to Blue Badge holders only- totalling 24 spaces. 

There are a further 9 Blue Badge spaces behind Senate House between 6 am and 6 pm, increasing to 15 after 6 pm. Please note this may be limited at the start of the autumn term.

Parking is FREE on campus upon display of a valid Blue Badge in your vehicle.

Where will I arrive if I come on Public Transport?

The bus interchange is located next to Warwick Arts Centre  

There is also a taxi rank alongside Warwick Arts Centre.

What is West Midlands Bus on Demand?

This is a service that meets you wherever you are. Think of it as a cross between a taxi and a bus. You can book a ride via an app and be matched with other passengers heading in the same direction. You can book rides when you’re ready to go, or in advance. It operates around the University of Warwick, including Kenilworth, Warwick Parkway, University Hospital Coventry, Leamington Spa & the University's Wellesbourne campus.

More info: warwick.ac.uk/services/estates/transport

How do I book my ticket?

We are encouraging everyone to book online in advance if they can. This ensures that we can send you updates about your visit by email before your visit.

There will be a limited counter service from 23 September 2021. We will be unable to offer advance ticket booking at the counter during busy periods. Any further ticket purchases should be made on your own device via warwickartscentre.co.uk

You can email us any queries at [javascript protected email address]

What should I expect to receive when I book online? / What is an e-ticket?

When you complete your purchase online you will receive 2 emails - one is your receipt and one is your ticket, attached to the email. You do not need to print this out, you can show it on your phone. If you prefer to print it out, that's fine - and it will be checked by a steward and will gain you admittance to the venue.

What access facilities do you now offer?

Access information can be found here.

How do I book if I have access needs?

Please email us at [javascript protected email address] for assistance with your booking.

What is a cashless system?

All of the University of Warwick campus is now cashless so we only accept card payments for tickets, drinks, merchandise and parking (however we have negotiated with the University to support our patrons who do not have a smartphone - see the note above)

What is a baby pass and when should I use it?

Everyone entering an auditoria must have a ticket to comply with our  licencing agreement. On some events, you are able to take in a babe in arms. In this case, you will need to purchase a ticket for your child.

On certain events for very young children, there is a charge for babies under 12 months.

What seating options do I have?

Our online ticketing you can choose your own seat or get the system to choose the best available seat(s). It's up to you. If an event does not have allocated seating you will just be prompted to ask for the number of tickets you require.

Is there a Cloakroom?

Yes, on busy evenings, so our Cloakroom offer may be limited or not available every evening. For security reasons we are unable to store large bags.