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Thursday 23 September 2021

Meet our new Cinema & Screen Producer Meli Gueneau!

Hi, I'm Meli and I’ve recently been appointed to oversee the film programme at Warwick Arts Centre.

As our cinemas reopen, it felt relevant to reach out to give you some idea of what to expect in our brand new screens. For our first month of reopening, as we establish our programme, we will operate on two screens only,. You'll be presented with worldwide blockbusters such as No Time to Die, as well independent and foreign language films such as the remarkable gems from our BFI London Film Festival touring programme. The rest of our October programme, which will be published soon, will offer a similar collection of films for you to explore and enjoy.

Opening our third screen in November will allow us to do more than we’ve ever done, and to be bolder than we’ve ever been. We want our cinemas to be a space where all can feel welcome, where all can feel represented, where all can feel safe, and where all can have a voice. We will be working closely with members of the community and communities we live in so our venue can feel like your cinematic home.  

You will soon see the return of digital screenings from theatre, operas and ballets, and we will also give you a chance to directly input in our programme with the return of Audience Choices. Our programme will welcome panel discussions and cast and crew Q&As, inviting you to engage with the films we curate, the artists and filmmakers we champion, and the collaborators we work with. 

We will also nurture connections across all of our activities so that our programme is coherent and you can explore the breadth of a discipline or artist’s work across different art forms. We will offer films that will allow you to escape, to learn, to be inspired, to think, to share and to feel. 

If you are already a member of our audience, I want to thank you for your patience and continued support whilst we were closed. Seeing your enthusiasm for the first few elements of our film programme has been humbling and all the team at Warwick Arts Centre can’t wait to welcome you back. 

If you are new to Warwick Arts Centre – welcome! This space is your space, no matter how long you’ve known us or how you are connecting with us.  

Finally, our first few weeks and months may be a bit of a learning curve  so please bear with us as we explore how to offer you the best possible experience. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome via comments cards or by emailing me.

Hope to see you soon (even if it is in the dark!)


Screen and Cinema Producer, Warwick Arts Centre