After her brilliant debut with the Andrea Dunbar documentary The Arbor, British filmmaker Clio Barnard returns with a film which is partly inspired by Oscar Wilde’s children’s tale, The Selfish Giant.

13 year-olds Arbor and Swifty are from Bradford with absent or absent-minded fathers. Excluded from school and on ADHD medication, Arbor is hyperactive, aggressive and resourceful. Along with best friend Swifty, the two discover they can make money from stealing bits of metal and selling it to the gruff scrap yard dealer named Kitten.

“Barnard’s storytelling is heartfelt and passionate, fluent and supremely confident and this is a heart-wrenching movie.” ★★★★ The Guardian

“A latterday postscript to Ken Loach’s Kes …Barnard’s voice is both strong and original” ★★★★ Evening Standard