The revolution is over and it’s time to start shaping your new nation.

Your country can be anything it wants to be. What are the rules you’re going to live by?

Coney’s show in development is a response to the political turbulence of recent years where new forms of citizenship, protest and participation have taken centre stage in broadcast and social media. With a dynamic combination of theatre and a playing audience, Early Days (of a better nation) explores the possibilities of nationhood and democracy in a political game of unintended consequences.

Join us for a performative sharing that follows an exciting period of research and development with academics from Warwick University, led by Coney in collaboration with Warwick Arts Centre. We’ve been working together to understand the variety of world-views that inform the world we live in, weaving these ideas in the narrative and structure of the show.

Created by Coney
Co-commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre, National Theatre Wales and
Battersea Arts Centre.
Production development supported by Cultural Institute at King’s College London.