Catatonically deadpan, gratuitously vapid and gleefully strung out, Karaoke is a performance about love and rockets for two performers and an autocue. Playing out
as an actual karaoke, the text and action read off of a screen and projected up for all the audience to see, the show is an exercise in manic anti-theatricality that’s either brazenly cynical or pathetically honest depending on how you want to look at it. There will be an awkward kind of chemistry. A narcotic kind of grace. And when the chorus kicks in we can all sing along with it…

Karaoke is the middle part of LOST IN THE FUNHOUSE, a loosely connected trilogy of performances about pleasure and boredom in this the adolescent decade of the 21st Century. Sleepwalk Collective is an award-winning live art and experimental theatre group creating fragile, nocturnal performance experiences between the UK and Spain.

NB: This event may contain the use of haze and smoke.

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“The idea is good, the execution better… the entire show exhales modernity, a metallic sensuality, a certain danger and an air of being in the mix of what’s cooking right now.