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The subjects of Mal Peet’s novels include secrecy, espionage, celebrity, love and sex and death, families and how to survive them, racism, religion, nuclear war, rain forest conservation and, er, football.

He might talk about any, all or none of these. Or he might talk about the hellish pleasures of writing for a living or his rather eccentric way of working. He might even have advice for aspiring writers. He’ll almost certainly tell us why he thinks the phrase ‘Young Adult Fiction’ should be made illegal or, at very least, consigned to Room 101.

Mal is an entertaining and irreverent speaker (especially about his own books) and likes to have a dialogue with his audience. So come armed with questions and challenges.

Mal Peet has won several British and overseas awards, including the Carnegie Medal for Tamar (2005) and the Guardian Prize for Exposure (2008), the third of his Paul Faustino novels set in South America. With his wife, Elspeth Graham, he also writes stories for younger readers. His most recent book is Life: An Exploded Diagram (2011).