Tickets for all areas are available to buy online. Click ‘Book Now’ above to see an overview of the venue. To select tickets for the stalls (the green area) on the seating plan, first choose any of the other areas (blue, orange or purple) and then change the area from the drop down menu on the top of the page. Choose ‘Stalls and Catwalk 2014’ to buy the £12.50 and £15.50 tickets.

One World Week is the largest student-run event at the University of Warwick and is held in January every year. Set to kick off One World Week 2014 is the Fashion Show, Nostalgia.

The theme for the Fashion Show this year, “Nostalgia”, is based around seasons and emotions. The show will feature 20 culturally diverse and stunning models wearing designs from independent boutiques, exclusive online retailers, fashion students from London and even a designer from Bulgaria. We also present to you some of the best cultural and performance societies at the University, guaranteeing a vibrant and unique celebration of culture and fashion. In addition, there will be exclusive performances by some of the best creative talents on campus including Music Theatre Warwick, Warwick Tricking & Freerunning, Classical and Modern Dance, Sarah Olowoyofeku and even a special guest act from London!

Join us as we get ready to take you on a spectacular journey through this unique event which is not to be missed!