This is a show about love. It is a show about candlelight and longing and catching the eye of a stranger unexpectedly in the theatre or on a train. It is a show about romance. But it is also a show about battlefields and power cuts and power ballads, about thunderstorms and wildly flocking birds.

We invite you to imagine being in love, and all the many different meanings that might have. We invite you to imagine yourself in Paris. We invite you to imagine yourself looking up and unexpectedly catching the eye of the person sitting opposite you.

“Small, simple but hugely evocative.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, on Andy Field’s Motor Vehicle Sundown

“Gently makes all the stuff that comes with Valentine’s Day seem like total bullshit” Daisy Bowie-Sell, Time Out

“A reminder that love makes you fly and fall, and can be tempestuous. Or as quiet and fragile as a bird in your hand” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“It is these awkward glimpses of one another, and the awkward bodies that accompany them, that are at the fluttering heart of Andy Field and Ira Brand’s new show. In their fragmentary, dreamlike journey through the landscape of love, the desire to look is always tied up with the impossibility of really seeing one another” Catherine Love- Exeunt

Dramaturgy by James Stenhouse. Produced by Beckie Darlington. Supported by Arts Council England. Developed at Battersea Arts Centre and ARC Stockton.