Continuing our Triggered at Warwick project, this is an interactive dance piece for children and families exploring the concept of a digital funhouse able to warp and shift the perceptions of reality. Moving floors, optical illusions, the Hall of Mirrors and spectacles such as Pepper’s Ghost are created using interactive technology and digital projection. Join us for a ride where the usual rules of gravity and form do not apply and anything may happen.

This is a Work in Progress – your input as an adult audience member is invaluable following this performance. Head of Programme and Audiences, Matt Burman will host an exchange with the company after the performance so you can help shape the future of this exciting new show. Additional Work in Progress shows are being performed to schools to test the work with feedback from younger audiences.

In collaboration with Digital Media Artist Barret Hodgson and Interactive Media Artist Noel Murphy.

Ages 7 – 11