‘A family portrait is only complete with love to fill its frame.’

This year, the Warwick Malaysian Students Association has taken it’s annual Malaysian Night showcase to a whole new level.

Embracing the essence of family, love and life choices, Portraits of Us reminds us of the importance of appreciation, and the value of a fragile piece that we hold onto so dearly – life. From songs that will make you tearful, to moments that will make you laugh uncontrollably, this musical will take you on an emotional journey you will never forget.

And who can pass the chance to see our traditional dances and mind-blowing Dikir Barat performances as well?


The story revolves around a couple, the Lims, that have been together for years, selling their famous Taufufa with a recipe passed down from generations. However, their real secret, they say, is in their 30 years of patience and love. The play sheds light on the modern dilemmas teenagers face when choosing between friends, social media and their family – a constant reminder that in this life and age of globalization, we tend to forget the little things that make us who we are. Often enough we forget to tell our parents we love them, and we don’t realize how time slips away – and we may one day lose that chance.

For more details on this touching story of love and life, visit our Facebook page.

Members of the Warwick Malaysian Students Association can buy tickets at the member’s rate of £8.50, only available at the Warwick Arts Centre Box Office counter.