World premiere from local heroes, Stan’s Cafe.

Have you ever fallen in love someone in a film? It’s easily done.

When silent film first arrived in Japan, a narrator called a Benshi was employed to explain the movie and you would fall in love with them. They were the stars and they guided you through their interpretation of the screen images. Though once mighty and numerous, the dominance of the Benshi was short-lived. ‘The talkies’ eventually killed them off.

But now the Benshi is back, in all his glory! Stan’s Cafe have been to Tokyo with film-maker Oliver Clark and shot Shadows, a beautiful and mysterious silent movie about a young couple in love, all that remains is for the Benshi to tell us what every shot and symbol means, who the actors are, why he loves them, why the director is terrible, when and why we should cry and laugh, what will happen in the end, why he is the greatest, most indispensable Benshi in history and why we should fall in love with him.

If only it was as simple as that…

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