Vincent Dance Theatre’s Archive & Engagement Space is an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in dialogue, creativity and exchange with the company’s work and with wider issues of gender equality and female creative practice.

Participants enter a room in which there is a large, dressed table, set with 21 places. At each setting there is an opportunity to explore images, sketches, video footage and other materials from VDT’s production work, alongside references to seminal works by other female artists and pivotal moments in history over the past 21 years. Facilitated by members of the company, participants are invited to respond to the environment and resource materials through completing a series of digital tasks. The tasks offer an opportunity to reflect upon and capture moments from your own physical, personal and political lives in writing, orally, visually or with movement, to be shared on VDT’s digital platforms as a growing repository of voices that demand to be heard.