Our impressive Butterworth Hall will be transformed into an interactive discovery zone, housing some of our most exciting research and learning. So if you and your family want to get hands on and find out more about the future this is the place to go.


▼ The future of solar powered trees

▼ How chocolate powered racing cars work

▼ The sounds and smells of the racing pit lane

▼ What’s life like in a freezer? Put your questions to a real-life polar explorer

▼ How can birds help us write poetry?

▼ Why do we need a nose? What is our sense of smell?

▼Imagining future sights, sounds, tastes and smells

▼ Where do we get our energy from?

▼ Bees and us – how we need each other to survive

▼ What it takes to make robots and quadrocopters work

▼ Materials of the future – what do they feel like and how could we use them?

▼ What do your words look like?