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Six nights of fantastic new ideas, explosions, experiments and answers to questions taxing the University of Warwick’s finest minds.

After the sell-out success of the past years, events are likely to be popular so get your tickets before it’s too late.

Christmas Lights and Lasers Bright

with Ally Caldecote & James Lloyd-Hughes (Physics)
Mon 30 Nov 1.15pm

An exciting journey through the dramatic and inspiring world of colour and light, from explosions caused by lasers, to the Northern Lights of Santa’s homeland.

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Catastrophic Failure

with Steve Maggs (Warwick Manufacturing Group)
Tue 1 Dec 7pm

An exploration of science behind materials and their mechanical properties: why do different materials behave in different ways (providing an opportunity to smash a few things up on stage).

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The Bruker Warwick Christmas Lecture: Biggest Bangs

with Andrew Levan (Physics)
Wed 2 Dec 7pm

Across our Universe, five stars explode every second. Join us to find out how they blow-up, how we see them, and why we are only alive because of them.

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Give Me Strength

with Nick Barker (Chemistry)
Mon 7 Dec 1.15pm

In this lecture Nick Barker of the Chemistry Department will present the science behind some of the energy sources we take for granted in our everyday lives. It will contain practical demonstrations and a number of bad jokes.

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Life Off Earth

with Kevin Moffat & Leanne Williams (Life Sciences)
Tue 8 Dec 7pm

Find out where we might find food and water as we journey through space. How we might protect ourselves and find oxygen. And answer the question, is there life out there?

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The Bosch Automotive Warwick Christmas Lecture 2015: What Makes a Robot…a Robot?

with Claire Rocks (Computer Science) and Adrian Letchford (Warwick Business School)
Wed 9 Dec 7pm

Find out why robots are good at some things and bad at others, and how can we harness some of nature’s solutions to make even better robots.

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