Please note; attendance is by invitation only

Up, Up and Away is a new piece of children’s physical theatre. Up, Up and Away will premiere as part of The Physical Fellowship-First Steps, the UK’s only Physical Theatre Festival for children and young people.

Up, Up and Away draws on the successful collaboration between Vortex Creates and Highly Sprung, and introduces the talents of digital artists Ludic Rooms in the creation of a new piece of work specifically for audiences of children and their adults.

What happens when one day a child inexplicably floats away, up into the sky?
Panic, pandemonium, chaos?
Well, no actually…
Adventure, amazement and meetings with the strangest but most miraculous people ever seen.

Joe is not happy very often, most describe him as a dreamer, and say ‘He’s never quite there’. So when Joe is given the chance to float away into the sky above he’s not very surprised. What awaits him are wonderful experiences that delight and inspire him…
But more important than the things that are found, is what Joe finds out about himself. That sometimes returning back to earth and the people that wait for him there, can be just as wondrous an adventure as any.

A cloud hoping, star jumping, stratospheric adventure.