Schubert Symphony No. 3
Beethoven Symphony No. 9

“I embrace you, oh you millions – here’s a kiss for all the world!” Beethoven never did anything by halves – but there’s a good reason why his Ninth Symphony changed the history of music, and why every performance is a special occasion. From tragic opening to its final, overwhelming Hymn to Joy it’s one of the greatest emotional journeys in all music, and the supreme test of any conductor and orchestra.

Meeting that challenge tonight is the Warsaw Philharmonic and its energetic new music director Jacek Kaspszyk, who are joined by the University of Warwick Chorus. As a team, Kaspszyk and the Warsaw Philharmonic are already winning rave reviews in their native Poland; their current tour is a first chance to feel that electricity here in Warsaw’s twinned city of Coventry. Schubert’s playful Third Symphony raises the curtain – a delicious showcase for an orchestra and a conductor with a sense of humour, and the perfect appetiser for the tremendous musical adventure to follow.

Please note: Choir stall seats not available for this concert.

Pre-Concert talk: in conversation with Jonathan James – Fri 15 May 2015 6.15pm. Click here to book online.