The time has come for all of Warwick Arts Centre’s Youth Theatre groups to show you what they’ve been working on throughout the year!

All three groups will be taking to our main theatre stage with the spotlights firmly focused, ready to share their latest creations. All are welcome to join us for an eclectic show displaying the best of all our talented members; see you there!

The Mishaps of Mole and The Very Tight Schedule.

(Youngest Group 8 – 11 yrs)
A small and exhausted film crew are desperately trying to complete their production of The Wind in the Willows, but chaos seems to be reigning. Will the broken cameras, arguing actors and lost costumes get in the way of the final cut?! Follow our cast as they claw their way to the end of their production in this humorous and creative devised adaptation of the classic children’s story.

The Animal Uprising.

(Middle Group 11 – 14 yrs)
Can a group of domesticated animals live without humans? Can they create law from lawlessness? Can they even agree on who should be fed? Our play begins when a group of animals decide to take these matters into their own hands. The farm must contend with disputes over leadership, rationing, fair treatment and much more. They are finally faced with one crucial question: must they return their allegiances to the humans in order to ensure their own survival?

Before We Begin.

(Oldest Group 14 – 16 yrs)
The oldest youth theatre group are ready to perform, but something is wrong. They can’t seem to remember their lines. Or the title of the play, for that matter. They’ve lost the plot. Join them on a theatrical journey to find it.