Warwick Malaysian Students Association is proud to present you with its annual showcase, Warwick Malaysian Night. The night promises a dazzling collage of classical dance and original music pieces infused in an entertaining play. Be sure to witness the captivating Dikir Barat performance – a Malaysian homage as the night unravels in suspenseful, exciting fashion!

Our play revolves around a choice made many years ago by a girl named Hui Yee. Never would she have imagined that one fateful day would cause her so much pain and suffering in the future. She knows that all there is left to do is to move on, but perhaps there really is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world, and suffering is the only way to relieve her from her wrongdoings. Standing between the crossroad of a dark past and a bright future, this play will gradually unveil her struggle of being trapped within that one decision for the rest of her life.