Haydn Quartet in F Op.74 No.2
Beethoven Quintet in C Op.29
Sibelius Quartet in D minor Op.56 Voces Intimae

In the forests of the north, something stirs. Light filters through leaves, shadows flicker; someone whispers a secret – and the only way to learn it is through Sibelius’s extraordinary, elemental D minor string quartet.

The Coull have paired Sibelius with the ultimate in urban sophistication – a brilliantly witty quartet that Haydn wrote specially to entertain British audiences – and invited a friend to join them for Beethoven’s only string quintet. Deep calm gives way to a truly operatic storm, but Beethoven’s only joking… isn’t he? Sibelius isn’t the only one sharing a secret tonight…

Pre-concert talk – Wed 10 Feb 2016 6.15pm. Click here for more information.