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She’s my horse, she is! What’s her name Grandpa?
She’s called Tir na n’Og.
Why’s she called that?
Because she came from the land under the sea. A place where it is always summer, and no-one grows old.
Imagine a glorious white horse comes out of a sea-mist and into your troubled life. Imagine trying to keep her on the 14th floor of a Dublin tower block. Now imagine the police are after you, and your only escape is to ride into the west…

To celebrate the play’s 20th anniversary, Travelling Light are bringing their internationally-acclaimed story of grit and magic, love and loss, hope and discovery to a new generation of young theatre goers.

Children and adults alike have praised Into The West:

“Stunning! An incredible piece of theatre, beautiful storytelling. Absolutely unforgettable.”

“Very moving and compelling tale.. an amazing performance overall” Annabel (10) & Lottie (11)

“At the end of an absorbing 75 minutes, it seems noticeably harder than usual for the actors to pull themselves out of the story and onto the stage – performers and audience are left moved and mesmerised.” Flossie Waite, Children’s Theatre Reviews

“Complex, vivid and moving … a remarkable piece of theatre” The Guardian
“Deeply satisfying and highly imaginative” New York Times
“A show for the child inside each of us” The Scotsman
“I have never seen a play that touched me as deeply” Calgary Herald

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