An Inner Voice by Yarlinie Thanabalasingham and Kobini Ananth

Two young, talented and upcoming artists come together to create an innovative piece experimenting with a notion rarely used within Carnatic music – harmonies. Pulling away from improvisation and turning their attention to composition, An Inner Voice presents the various characteristics of harmonies and how they can be adapted to fit within the Raga structure. This has rarely been explored before due to the music’s complex rhythmic nature and strict composition structure, therefore this new and innovative piece is unique and radical in its approach.

Cicadas by Sarathy Korwar

Tabla player Sarathy Korwar looks at creating equality on stage through fostering spontaneous relationships and challenging the traditional hierarchical roles of musicians within the South Asian Classical traditions. Reflecting on his own experiences as a Tabla player, he creates new relationships taking musicians out of their comfort zone and displaying an interaction that audiences can relate to.