Visit an exhibition of young people’s work from the last year.

The work is by children and young people from President Kennedy, Barrs Hill and Parkgate schools.

The children have been learning how to code, how to use arduinos and have designed their own products and projects to share at Digifest.

Saskia Freeke – Daily Geomerative Challenge
LAB NORMALS – Little Browser
Frederick Vanhoutte – PolyNeon
Elisa Struthers Jobin – Bloop2
Mike Brondbjerg – Generative Still Life
Ashley James Brown – Destruction Of A Masterpiece
Jerome Herr – Super Ellipse

A series of coded digital artworks curated by Ashley James Brown.

_processThing pulls together a series of work that involve processes and algorithms similar to methods taught during the PlayCodeShare project. The artists chosen are internationally respected for their underlying thought process, narrative and design as much as the aesthetics and computational ability. Their work spans generative design, computational algorithms, Augmented Reality fashion, future dystopian narratives, nostalgic technologies, audio visual live scenarios, informational data design and playful architecture. These chosen works for _processThing align with various methods, principles and processes taught at all levels in the PlayCodeShare project so far and are all coded using the open source language Processing. All the pupils will be able to identify with various aspects of both the coding and the aesthetic choices of the artists work.