This Warwick Masterclass will include designing and making a range of decorative papers. We will go on to use a selection of your designs to make a range of boxes, labels and cards etc. Participants will be able to explore patterns found on other cultures, use these patterns to create their own responses/designs, understand colour relationships, realise the concept of resist materials, explore colours and pattern and producing numerous designs, change the properties of paper through embellishment and create objects from the finished paper.

Brenda Wood is a local artist with degrees in Sculpture and Printmaking. She worked in secondary school education for many years inspiring many A’level students to go onto degree level. Since then she has worked extensively with adults and young people in a variety of settings. Presently she is teaching Sculpture workshops in stone from her studio in Allesley Village.
She holds strong beliefs about the value of Drawing and how it is instrumental in informing a personal response.

You will need:
Sketchbook (if you have one – don’t worry if you don’t!)
Any ideas for patterning
Any colour scheme that is of interest or relevance

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