Warwick Arts Centre is delighted to welcome back Sukh Ojla, who performed here last year in Rifco’s acclaimed production Pyar Actually, and starred on the cover of our Summer 2018 brochure. Here she joins fellow comedian Tamsyn Kelly in a double bill of their recent Edinburgh Fringe shows.

Tamsyn Kelly: You’re Welcome

Does a story even exist if it’s not on Instagram? Tamsyn Kelly is a hilarious, fresh, new voice. And she’s going to use that voice to be heard. Just like Emma Watson did in 2001 when she invented feminism. Or something like that. Probably. Tamsyn Kelly reminds us with her big mouth, that in an age where we are surrounded by big mouths, it’s OK to use yours to say ‘I don’t know’. You’re welcome.

As a comedian Tamsyn has supported Seann Walsh, Omid Djalili, Late Night Gimp Fight and Adam Riches, performing at various locations across the UK including the Soho Theatre.

Sukh Ojla

When your new house-share is with your parents and you are trying to navigate dating in this age of technological romance, Sukh Ojla is here to help you make it work. By trying to figure out exactly how she is going to make it work for herself. Join Sukh for her brilliant debut stand-up show as she tries to figure out how to survive modern singledom and returning to a world where you’re not allowed to turn on the ‘big light’.


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