Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up to an easier day, every day? Imagine that the house is already warm (you don’t need heating anymore), that you are breathing in fresh, clean air (in your ‘healthy’ house). When you turn the lights on you are getting free power (thanks to your solar panels) and flushing the loo is free too (rainwater does the job perfectly). Your commute to work is a relaxing cycle ride along a car-free road (you share a car these days, along with lawn mowers and power tools!). This may sound like the future, but this is all happening right now. Tempted…? Come and find out how to make this life your new reality.

With guest speakers Agamemnon Otero, Sue Riddlestone, Paul Allen and Tina Evans.

Paul Allen

Paul has lived with and worked with renewable energy technologies for 30 years at the Centre for Alternative Technology, developing a wide range of renewable energy systems. Paul has led the ground-breaking Zero Carbon Britain research for 10 years; liaising directly with Government, business, public sector and the arts, demonstrating that we have the technology and research already in place to rapidly take Britain to a zero carbon reality.

Sue Riddlestone

Sue Riddlestone OBE is chief executive and co-founder of Bioregional, an award-winning organisation which develops real-life solutions for sustainability, including the BedZED eco-village in London. Sue works with partners to create ground-breaking One Planet Communities and eco-products and services which enable us to live happy, healthy lives, within the natural limits of our planet.

Tina Evans

Ever positive and always looking for new adventures, Tina challenges barriers. Diagnosed with a life limiting condition at 16, Tina’s life includes cycling, veganism, Naturopathy, mindfulness and adapted sports.
Recently Tina handcycled on a tandem with her friend from North to South Wales. The ride made it clear that true happiness and wellbeing comes from connection with nature and people.

Agamemnon Otero

Agamemnon is Co-CEO of Repowering and a director of the energy coops Brixton Energy Solar 1, 2, 3 & Energy Garden. He has advised the UK government on community energy policy and been named a London Leader and one of the 50 most impactful green leaders globally. In 2016, he was awarded an MBE.