Join us in the Creative Learning space from 10am – 4pm every day of the half term holiday for some FREE arty fun.

Monday: Make a home for a hog
Lots of animals like visiting your garden, particularly hedgehogs, but where do they live? Give a hog a home in your garden. Using recycled materials, make a house for a hog and take it home so our wildlife friends have somewhere to stay when they visit. You’ll be a big help for them and the environment.

Tuesday: Tote Bag Tuesday
Design and decorate a tote bag to take home.

Wednesday: Big Drawing
Let’s make a map of campus and put on our own designs for sculptures. What are your sculptures called and why? You could draw your new sculptures or make them out of collage materials.

Thursday: Constructing
Make a sculpture from the materials provided, inspired by our art on campus.

Friday: Sculpture
Make your own sculpture material and then use it to model a sculpture with.