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Rick Dior Science Fiction
John Adams Doctor Atomic Symphony
Sibelius Symphony No.2

Stop the world I want to get off! Modern life assaults our senses with an anxiety-inducing barrage of colour and noise, information and distraction. But with brave, bold and brilliant playing the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers is ready to take it on through music that gives voice to our fears, helps us find hope and brings us together in joyful celebration.

And sometimes nothing works better than laughter to show us the absurdity of our fears. Rick Dior’s Science Fiction collects together a Pandora’s Box of classic sci-fi movie scenes, deposits them safely within the confines of the video screen and ties them up in weird and witty score of percussive beats and bendy electronics that will make you wonder what it was you were so afraid of after all.

Then on to a musical portrait of an iconic moment in history. John Adams’ Dr Atomic Symphony pounds our ears with frantic music that captures the high drama and conflicting emotions experienced by the ‘fathers of the atomic bomb’ in the days leading up to the first bomb test.

And finally, something to restore inner peace. Sibelius described his Second Symphony as a ‘“confession of the soul”, and while the music hints at dark thoughts, it’s stirring finale will wrap you in uplifting tunes, leaving you with hope and optimism. And we all need some of that.

Totally teenage orchestral brilliance. Come and hear it.

Teen hangout: Fri 4 Jan, 6.30 – 7pm, Studio
Discover the stories behind the music at this free and friendly pre-concert event for teenagers. Hosted by the NYO’s Young Promoters, the reception includes a lively and interactive presentation and is a fantastic opportunity for teens, students, and young musicians alike to find out more about the music in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain’s concert, and meet NYO Musicians.

Please note that this performance features a film projection which contains scenes of moderate horror and violence which may not be suitable for younger children.

Please note that, due to the nature of this performance, the Choir Stalls seats are not on sale. For more information, please contact Box Office on 024 7652 4524.


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