The Mullah of Downing Street is a blistering political comedy set in the living room at 10 Downing Street on the eve of a general election.

The evening seems to be drawing to a close for Prime Minister Claire Scarsdale when her spirited daughter, Nina, comes home and introduces her parents to her fiancé, Akhtar.

As a young Muslim man learned in Islamic ideology, Akhtar is reverent and respectful to his future in-laws – but there is a caveat. Nina wants to get married tomorrow and won’t take no as an answer. What should be a happy “meet the parents” turns into a breaking news story as the family try to juggle clashing political views inside the home as well as in the public eye.

After a successful run at The Theatre Chipping Norton, The Mullah of Downing Street comes to Warwick Arts Centre for 3 nights only!