This workshop, led by Chris O’Connell, Artistic Director of Theatre Absolute and the Shop Front Theatre in Coventry, will explore how to tell stories on stage through the medium of solo work. What choices can you make as a writer to create a complete world through the use of one physical voice?

By considering style, technique and reading and discussing existing solo texts, this workshop aims to expand your skills and increase your confidence in your writing.

The workshop is aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced writers. The focus of the day will be on writing rather than performing, although you will be encouraged to share your work with the rest of the group in a supportive environment to help you develop your writing.

Please note that the usual Warwick Arts Centre Terms and Conditions do not apply to Masterclasses. Click here for the Masterclasses Terms and Conditions, or download them from the right hand side of the page.

If you enjoy this Masterclass, why not submit your solo performance piece to our SOLO Fest open call and get the chance to perform it in front of an audience? More information here.