This story, of these women, didn’t happen in a city.
It isn’t in London, or Manchester or Birmingham,
although it’s near Coventry.
It happens in a place you wouldn’t expect,
a place you wouldn’t expect a revolution to happen.
And from women you wouldn’t expect to start a revolution.
And where do revolutions begin?
Like everything, they begin with a mother…

This is the story of the ‘Petticoat Council’, formed by a group of women from Bishop’s Itchington in rural Warwickshire. They became the first female majority council in Britain, breaking down barriers to transform their community. In the wake of the devastation of the Second World War, and with Britain and its people still struggling with austerity, these women brought about hope and change on a local level whilst inspiring a nation.

Warwickshire writer Frankie Meredith, whose great aunt was one of the Petticoat Council, brings this story to life for today’s audiences with storytelling, dance and music, fusing songs from the charts with timeless folk arrangements and dancehall classics.

Supported by Warwick Arts Centre and Coventry City of Culture 2021

Audiences are invited to stay for a post show talk following the performance on Tue 15 Jun featuring:
Frankie Meredith, playwright and director
Professor Sarah Richardson, University of Warwick History department
Ensemble: Helen Booth, Savannah Gallo, Madi MacMahon & Georgina Periam
Chaired by Steph Hartland, Producer

Please note: This event is sold as general admission so you don’t select a seat in advance. On arrival at the event you will be shown to a seat.
The seating will be arranged in a socially distanced configuration.