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Dongyang Gozupa wearing dark leopard print and black clothes

Dongyang Gozupa

Saturday 29 October 2022 7:45pm
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Tickets:£16 (£14)
Student tickets available.

Part of the K-Music 2022 Festival of Korean Music.


2 hours

Recommended Age:
Suitable for all

Dongyang Gozupa stormed the K-Music Festival last year - the first Korean band to break out of lockdown, their wild mix of metal and gugak (traditional Korean sounds) makes a dark, dissonant sound that stirs in an anarchic sense of humour too. 

Combining powerful bass and drums with the yanggeum (Korean metal-stringed zither), DG are hitting the road for a full-scale English tour as part of K-Music 2022.

In a hard-hitting combination of progressive, post-rock and the psychedelic possibilities of the yanggeum, the name Dongyang Gozupa translates as ‘eastern high frequency’, providing a clue to their music – a trail-blazing, percussion-driven sound with the yanggeum at its centre. 

For fans of Jambinai, the trio consists of bassist Minhui Ham, yanggeum player Eunhwa Yun, and award-winning percussionist Dohyuk Jang.

Feel free to come and go, talk and go to the bar during the performance!

"The Korean group, whose name roughly translates as Eastern High Frequency, are turning the power trio on its head, using tropes of their national music to make genre-splicing sounds"
"It felt like watching an Eastern Led Zeppelin which had been created in the distant future and transported back in time."
"You won’t believe that they are only three on stage, with the, bass and percussion blending and creating an experience that is intense, powerful, beautiful and colourful"