A curious person peers out of a gap between two rocks


CHANGE Festival 2021
The Wonderful
Sunday 7 November 2021 7:30pm
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Change Festival 2021

“Man is part of nature: his war against nature is a war against himself.”

Nevergreen tells the astonishing untold story of Rachel Carson: trailblazing scientist, writer of the epoch-making Silent Spring and reluctant pioneer of the environmental movement. Overcoming poverty and prejudice, Carson combined scientific knowledge with imaginative power, unfolding the wonder of nature to millions. She risked everything to reveal the truth about the impending poisoning of our world and its creatures – including us.

Nevergreen fuses multimedia invention with poetic power and audacious storytelling. It is urgent theatre, full of wonder, terror, and hope.

Commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre and CHANGE Festival

4 star review
"beautifully filmed"
The Stage
4 star review
"somehow both ethereal and alarming – and entirely original"
The Guardian
4 star review
"'informative, compelling and very relevant"
Theatre and Other Things