People standing in a circle holding hands with arms in the air

Playing Out In Canley: Volunteer Now

Monday 12 July 2021

The Playing Out in Canley team is very happy to invite you to be part of our first Canley Parade on the morning of Saturday 4 September 2021 ...

... winding its way

     through the streets

          of Canley before the

               Canley Big Lunch that afternoon...


We are looking for volunteers who live or work in Canley (or nearby) to:

  • join the Samba Band (no experience needed, practice sessions weekly)
  • help design and build costumes, puppets, banners, giant figures, etc.
  • perform as an “everyone” character (tired parent, nurse or other worker) or as a Canley King or Queen (any age, representing Canley in all its diversity)
  • be part of dancing and/or singing sections of the parade
  • demonstrate a parade-able skill (any BMX trick riders out there?)
  • help steward the parade, ensuring it is healthy and safe for everyone
  • make and deliver creative packs in advance of the parade, so that some of our youngest residents can join in from their doorsteps with their own creations
  • help organise and co-ordinate things behind the scene
  • get your group of friends or community group to take on one or more of these things as a group
  • ...or other things (let us know how you would like to contribute!)


We won't be using motor vehicles or amplified sound, but there will be:

  • live music,
  • spectacle and story,
  • a celebration of our neighbourhood,
  • a recognition of everything we have all gone through during the pandemic and our gratitude for all who have worked so hard
  • and fun!


To volunteer, or just to learn more about the Parade, contact