The procession line of the Canley Parade, headed up by a colourful paper parrot.

Playing Out

Playing Out is a collaborative programme of activity for all ages between the people of Canley and Warwick Arts Centre which aims to support the residents of Canley to realise a vision for a new community hub. ‘Play’ is our central theme.

This project will take place between Summer 2021 and Summer 2022.

The notion of ‘Playing Out’ evokes a sense of feeling safe in a community space and an equality of experience – playing outside is un-boundaried and doesn’t require access to a building. Canley itself is the playground and residents are invited to take part in and create playful activities with each other.

Playing Out will enable Canley to play together while creating and delivering community parades in 2022 and 2023 with an ongoing legacy of community collaboration carried beyond the scope of the project by new leaders and volunteers from Canley.

During Summer 2021, over 80 Canley residents of all ages came together over the summer to learn to play in the Samba band, produce large props and coordinate a small-scale Canley Community Parade. 

In September 2021, the parade filled streets with music and colourful creations journeyed through the neighbourhood guiding people to the Canley Big Lunch – a free community event that brings people together over food, music, and activities. 

The first Playing Out Canley Parade was made possible by Canley Community Centre, St Stephen's Church and Canley Community Church, and supported by Warwick Arts Centre, the Canley Pop Up Café and the University Community Engagement team.

Playing Out is supported by the Spirit of 2012. For a list of all our Supporters, please see Our Supporters


Against the backdrop of the parade, an excited child points from the arms of a woman
Surrounded by colourful artwork, three girls of various ages are smiling and waving during the Canley Parade
A smiling man holds a tie dye puppet up in the air made of fabric and cardboard tubes
Four locals help cook on a grill outdoors at the Canley Parade
A woman and a young child pointing at the passing parade from their front door

If you live in Canley and would like to Play Out with us, please get in touch with us to register your interest below.