All music tells a story, and when a full symphony shouts it to the sky, it’s plain to hear. String quartets are a bit different. This is the music that’s simply too personal, too intimate, and too powerful to express any other way. For centuries whenever a great composer wants to whisper a confidence, bare their soul, or slip a message of hope past the censors, they’ve turned to the string quartet: a circle of four trusted friends, in which no secret is off limits.

To play music like this, you have to live with it. And for over 30 years, the Coull Quartet have done just that – exploring and re-telling some of the most incredible tales in all music. Beethoven gazes into the infinite, Britten stretches his wings; Shostakovich signals desperately as the authorities close in, and Borodin writes a love-note to his new wife. The story of the string quartet is the story of human emotion; let the Coulls share it with you this season.

All Pre-concert Talks take place in the Helen Martin Studio and tickets cost £1 each.

Colours of Dark Light – Wed 20 Nov 2013 6.15pm
The Three Ages of Beethoven – Thu 20 Feb 2014 6.15pm
Nocturne – Wed 5 Mar 2014 6.15pm
Russian Spring – Wed 7 May 2014 6.15pm