TchaikovskyMelody from ‘Souvenirs d’un Lieu Cher’ for Violin and Piano Op.42
TchaikovskyPezzo Capriccioso for Cello and Piano Op.62
TchaikovskyPiano Trio in A minor Op.50

Tchaikovsky only wrote one piano trio – but he did it in style! Tchaikovsky’s friend Nikolai Rubenstein was one of the greatest pianists of the nineteenth century. So when he died tragically young, Tchaikovsky mourned him in a piano trio as big as a symphony.

A minor Trio is Tchaikovsky at his most ambitious, but also his most personal. Grandiose, impassioned, and hauntingly sad, it’s the overwhelming climax to this all-Tchaikovsky programme from the English Piano Trio, and everyone who loves Tchaikovsky should get to know it. First, though, two delicious musical miniatures show how – even when he’s breaking your heart – Tchaikovsky always sends you away humming a tune.