Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald’s (The Last King of Scotland) latest feature is an adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Meg Rosoff starring Saoirse Ronan. American 15 year old Daisy (Ronan) is sent to stay with her cousins on a remote farm in the English countryside when World War III breaks out. Amidst the chaos and food shortages, Daisy and her cousins are left to fend for themselves and Daisy begins to fall for her cousin Edmond.

A unique mix of tense apocalyptic thriller, great teenage romance and an excellent cast make this one of the most anticipated films of the year.

After the 6.30pm screening of How I Live Now on Wed 23 Oct, there’ll be a post-screening discussion with Julia Condon Jones, a University of Warwick Film Studies lecturer. Everyone is welcome to stay on and discuss any of the issues raised by the film.