STATIk is an energetic, hilarious and highly entertaining theatre show.

Full of clowning, STATIk shows a beautiful, regimented world and the chaos caused when one person can’t or won’t fit in.

It’s Mikey’s first day at work. Wearing his brand new uniform he joins the signal-fixers, preparing radio transmitters and tuning them in. But when a rogue signal – the voice of a child – is mysteriously picked up, it brings about the hilarious destruction of the factory regime.

With a unique visual style and a glorious soundtrack inspired by the 1920s film Metropolis, STATIk is a theatrical delight for both adults and children alike.

Presented by Action Transport Theatre, STATIk is a testament to the wit and wisdom of children. It uses the real recordings of children’s voices collected through workshops with hundreds of primary school children. It is a wonderful reminder that adults have something to learn from children.


Filled to the brim with visual comedy!

The Public Reviews

Playfulness, wisdom…. a show of real quality.

John Hegley, Poet and Comedian