A unique, specially staged theatre/music performance in our Butterworth Hall.

There’s an orchestra, trapped in a city during a military coup. Violence erupts, the orchestra becomes separated – lost – trying to find their way home. The composer is left to tell the story.
An intricate, fractured narrative with a haunting soundtrack comes together like a mosaic: a whistling bird in the jungle, a gunfight at the airport, a murder in a forest of music stands… pieced together by a lone performer, trying to make sense of the chaos.

Produced by MAYK. Commissioned by Bristol Ferment at Bristol Old Vic. Developed with Parabola Arts Centre. Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Harrowing, intelligent, beautifully crafted… and ultimately incredibly uplifting in an impossible-to-describe kind of way.

Andrew Haydon, The Guardian