Is it far from here?
Is it a place where no one grows old and there’s no disease and everybody is happy?
Is it a place where no one shouts and mobile phones are confiscated?
Is everything in soft focus?
Is it a place where you get drunk, get high, stop up all night and never vomit?

The Paradise Project seeks to respond to the very idea of Paradise, and the human need to invent such a concept. We will explore the differences between heavenly paradise and earthly utopia; we will ask what would be paradise to us as people.

Following the internationally successful theatre piece What I Heard About the World, and the durational performance and online research project StoryMap, Third Angel (Sheffield) and Mala Voadora (Lisbon) are collaborating for a second time.

The Paradise Project is a Triggered@Warwick project, our commissioning and artist development programme.