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A story of unexpected friendship.

Angel is the story of Bill who returns an old woman’s shopping bag on an afternoon when she had nothing better to do and Bill finds her life is never the same again. The old woman, Miriam, lives between then and now. She keeps her watch in the fridge, plays guns with bananas and has an imaginary dog called Satan. She may be losing her marbles, but she definitely isn’t losing her sense of humour.

When Bill, who is a girl by the way, realises that Miriam needs help she decides to sort things out – and if that means not going home, telling lies and kidnapping a man in order to mend the past, then that is what she will have to do.

This brilliantly funny and heart-warming new play about childhood and ageing is a fantastic piece of new writing for audiences aged 10 years and above.

Shortlisted for The Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, Best Play for Young Audiences 2012 and The Brian Way Award 2013.

“A play about the relationship between young and old, dealing with dementia and memory loss… angel is an unqualified success… this is children’s theatre at its best!” British Theatre Guide