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Forget the National Anthem. Forget Rule Britannia! And even forget Jerusalem. Nearly three centuries on, one masterpiece reigns unchallenged as the ultimate musical national institution. There’s simply nothing more British than Handel’s Messiah. Every Valley Shall Be Exalted, The Trumpet Shall Sound, He Was Despised, For Unto Us a Child is Born, and of course Hallelujah! – everyone knows the tunes.

If you’ve never heard the Messiah complete, you’ve missed out on one of music’s most uplifting experiences. And if you have, there’s no better way to rediscover it than with this Christmas performance by Armonico Consort – the acclaimed Midlands-based ensemble that uses period instruments, internationally-renowned soloists and a superb, scaled-down professional choir to get as close as possible to the sound – and spirit – of Handel’s own time. Messiah has never sounded livelier, so go on, you deserve it: give yourself an early Christmas treat!